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Bang Her Pink Silicone G-Spot Finger Vibrator Review

Product Review: Bang Her Pink Silicone G-Spot Finger Vibrator, manufactured by CalExotics, and sent to me by Naughty North.

Whether you're using this on your own or with partners, my best description is.. a small, pink, perfectly shaped delight of a toy..

I had a bit of an impromptu introduction to this toy. Most who know me, know that I schedule every single thing in my life. So, it should not come to much surprise that I am the same way when I do my product reviews. I schedule what time I will test the product, where, how, whether it will be recorded to use on my other platforms..

This one however, I chose and was not excited to try once it showed up. I kept moving it back in my schedule and cursing myself to choosing an insertable toy. Some readers will relate to this, but when I am on my own I tend to prefer clitoral stimulation, and not much else. On the rarest of occasions, I will pull out something insertable like a dildo when I get the urge.

I put the toy into my bag before I left for tour and hoped that a time would come up where I would be more keen to try it.

Perfect fit outside..

At this point I had removed the toy from my schedule and just waited.

I waited until that one tour morning that I woke up and simply could not wait until my appointments. I started quickly filing through my backpack which I knew would have the toy inside. Finding it under my sweaters and red bull, I started pulling at the package.

There was a slight bit of worry while I pulled it open, because I wasn't sure at the time if there was a charger. When I saw the batteries in the package, there was relief. And even more, when I pressed the button on the toy and it came to life with batteries already inside. The ones from the package are a spare.

My first try to put this toy on was the wrong way. When looking at the toy, it makes sense which way it should go. And it only fits nicely one way. However, my brain continues to try and put it on incorrectly every time since this first encounter.

I haven't confessed yet that at this point I was trying to cheat the system and use the vibrate function of this product externally. I did this for a while.. and though it did feel nice, it is really not strong enough to be just an external toy. I stayed here for a while though, with not expectations.

and in..

After a bit of time using this toy externally, I decided I would try the function of it that I had been initially put off by.

I took a moment to really look at the toy. It "just makes sense" went my inner tiktok dialogue. I had not done a lot of exploration of g-spot play, but this toy looked similar to others that I had considered purchasing.

I went back to using externally for a few minutes, and then I simply popped it in. It really was that easy, and I had to take a moment to wonder why I had hesitated on how it would feel.

Once over the initial shock that "that actually isn't bad" I was able to focus on everything I was feeling. It was not overwhelming like some of the other vibrating internal toys I have tried (probably the reason I was hesitant with this one) and I could tell it was sitting in just the right place. Brining all the blood where it needed to be, I felt myself become even more sensitive externally as well. Because the toy is sitting right over your finger there is a lot of freedom to what you can do with the rest of your body while using it. Mixing internal and external play in this way was a weird-for-me (in the best way) but exciting experience.

The features..

  • Manufacturer: XR Brands

  • Color: Pink

  • Materials: Silicone and TPR/TPE

  • Power Source: Requires 2 LR41 batteries, included

  • Functions: Vibrates

  • Overall Length: 3.00inches (7.6cm)

  • Width: 1.15inches (2.9cm), stretch to fit

  • One size fits most fingers

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Bang Her Pink Silicone G-Spot Vibrator. Use my links to get your own!

Use Code CHEEKY for 10% off!

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