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Copy of Maia Vaporator Review

Product Review: Maia Vaporator, sent to me by Betty's Toy Box and Maia Toys.

Puff, buzz, pass..

I am always excited to get a new haul of products to test! When I got the email asking me if I'd like to review some of the products available this winter I was more than keen! And then I got the list of adult toys to choose from and saw the 'vaporator'

"okay does everyone get the same list or do they just know I'll be interested in a pot product?" I giggled thinking about the manager of Naughty North possibly sending me, specifically, a 420 recommendation. Very me.

When my products showed up I took them all out and knew that I had to immediately open and try out this product! I opened it up, taking out the charger, the storage bag for the toy, a thank you note, and finally the product itself.

Muttering to myself "I'd never be lucky enough.. this is going to need to be charged.." I pushed the button of the vape end of the toy and the light flashed! I was honestly shocked for it to show up pre-charged - I think my mouth may have dropped. I pressed the button for the vibrator function, and the whole toy had come to life.

Turning them off long enough to actually read the instructions, I proceeded to screw the golden top off of the vape end. Then it hit me..

I had no cartridge.

Impressive features..

Once I went to the store and got a cartridge I was actually able to try this toy out!

It is quite an impressive toy. Very sleek look, while being small enough to take anywhere. The vape end being exactly like a regular vape battery with three functions, and the other end being a vibrator with 20 different vibrating functions.

I started with the vape end, of course! I knew that this was my favourite cartridge and that I wanted the vape on the lowest setting to take my time. I spent a decent amount of time here before I got comfy and turned on the vibrating function.

When I was ready to turn on the vibrator end of this toy I took the time to unscrew the cartridge. I do not think this is necessary - I believe that you can use both ends at the same time - but having never used it before I wanted to make sure I didn't end up with a sticky vape cartridge in the end.

The first thing I noticed with this toy is that its vibrating function is not weak. Even at the lowest setting, it was a very good level of vibration. There are three options of steady vibration at different intensities, and then the rest of the functions run in different patterns. Some good, some not so pleasurable.. but there are so many options that is absolutely no problem.

Insertable, but not quite my type..

So, this product I found to be very good as a vibrator, and specifically for clitoral stimulation.

Something about this toy that I did not enjoy so much centred around it being insertable.

I think that I have mentioned before that when it comes to insertable toys I don't prefer particularly firm options. I like my insertable's to have a little bit of flexibility to them.

But I gave it a good try before making my decision. I tried using the product in this way with vibration and without. I think it was better without, but it is not how I would use this toy in the future anyway.

With all of that said, I know that there are lots of people who enjoy this sort of feeling. There was a time that I couldn't fathom a firm toy being somebody's go to - but I have a close friend who loves glass toys so to each their own! If this sounds like your preference then you'd probably love this toy!

But even if this doesn't sound like your kind of feeling, like me, I think that lots would still like this as a product based on its name - a vape, and a vibrator.

The features

  • Material: Silicone, Gold Metal

  • Color: Pink (tester product black)

  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturers warranty

  • Manufacturer: Maia Toys

  • Additional Features: USB rechargeable, travel sized, 20 vibrating functions, 420 friendly, 3 vape temperature settings.

  • Overall Length: 5.7 Inches

  • Internal Length: 4 Inches

  • Width: 1.1 Inches

Thank you, Betty's Toy Box, for sending me the Maia Vaporator.

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