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Wish List...

- If you would like to send me something that will come right to me, you can check out my Amazon or Wishtender Wish Lists! 

- If you consider yourself creative, or have an interesting hobby, I would love to receive a related gift when we get to meet. If this doesn't sound like you, but you'd still like to show up with something, there are always additions to my Indigo Books Wish List!

- Some other alternatives include:

- Wine (any white or rosé. Red if it is "sweet")

- Flowers (Roses, of any colour, are my favourite)

- If you are from abroad, I would love to try food or sweets from that area. If you're local, you can never go wrong with chocolates (Lindor, Lindt Excellence, Laura Secord) or other sweets! 

- I can always use gift cards from:


-Real Fake Meats (Gottingen St., Halifax)


-Venus Envy/Pleasures N' Treasures

-la Vie en Rose



-Esso Mobil/Irving

-Uber Eats/Skip The Dishes

-If you would like to give me a gift that will take away from my stress, consider covering a bill

-Rent, 1 month - $1,300.00

-Rent, 1 year - 15,600.00

-Meal Kits, 1 month - $635.00

-Meal Kits, 1 year - $7,620.00

-Pay off my remaining student debt - inquire

-Please contact me if you would like to send to my bitcoin wallet!

-Any monetary gifts can be sent via e-transfer to (Please send me a separate email with the password). Cash is always accepted, as well! These gifts are usually put towards my goals or enjoyment!

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."

- Charles Dickens

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