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Scandal Trio Pleasure Wheel Review

Product Review: Scandal Trio Pleasure Wheel, manufactured by CalExotics, and sent to me by Naughty North.

Keen to add a prickly bit of excitement to your sex life?

I've only ever seen this toy before was in a dungeon. Odd then, that I've never used one. Seriously, I had a quick google to make sure I wasn't thinking too simplistically about this product.

It truly got even weirder once I started peeping around google to discover that this type of product stems from the original Wartenberg neurowheel, which was designed to test nerve reactions. I actually did a small, dramatic gasp because I am a neurology patient (associated with my chronic illness) and I have never had the chance to use this little kinky device at the doctors office.

Title 1..

When I first opened this product I wasn't sure what to think. It was notable a solid, good product from the moment I opened it. It is sleek and black, moving smoothly as you roll it along the skin. My first thoughts taking it out of the box was that it was heavier than I had anticipated.

I started to run it along the skin of my forearms and my legs as I sat at my computer chair. The feeling is slightly prickly, but in the best way. I chose spots on my body where I assumed this would feel good, like my neck, and it did not disappoint.

From here, I began closing my eyes and trying to note whether it made a difference in what sensations and intensity I was feeling. This is when I realized that I would need someone to truly help me test this product, and set it down to wait for a trusted friend to visit.

Party for two..

My friend was a bit hesitant when I asked him "want to try something new with me?"

I reckon he has heard me say that one too many times with a strange answer. However, when I pulled out the new product he seemed a bit more keen.

We got comfy and I, in lieu of a blindfold, shoved my head lightly into a pillow. He ran the wheel around my exposed skin and I took in every sensation. It was, as I had assumed, much better with a partner, and particularly when I was not looking at where it was going to be.

At times I waited to see where it would be. Other times, I requested a certain spot and waited in anticipation.. trying not to look. What I think best describes the feeling that is created is when you get a shiver down your spine. Beyond the prickly feeling of the pinwheels, this is sort of like a secondary feeling.

It is truly so easy to enjoy this toy, with communication and playing with pressure and location change. I think even the most "vanilla" folk could truly enjoy trying this toy!

The features..

  • Manufacturer: CalExotics

  • Color: Black

  • Materials: Nickel free zinc alloy

  • Brand: Scandal

  • 3 sets of 22 point rotating pinwheels

  • Phthalate free

  • Overall Length: 7.25inches (18.5cm)

  • Width: 1.25inches (3.25cm)

  • Depth: 1inch (2.5cm)

  • Wheel Diameter: 1.25inches (3.25cm)

  • Weight: 15.7 ounces

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Scandal Trio Pleasure Wheel. Use my links to get your own! Click here to view the product at Betty's Toy Box!

Use Code CHEEKY for 10% off!

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