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Booty Sparks Light Up Remote Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug Review

Product Review: Booty Sparks Light Up Remote Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug, manufactured by XR Brands, and sent to me by Naughty North.

"this is one of the b-b-best toys I've ever tried.."

How to start a product review that I was supposed to write yesterday? Well, I'll start by reminding you that you have to charge your toys before you get to use them. I can't seem to remember that one. I decided that I would try this toy in a video on my fan site. I sat down in front of my camera and started recording. I was very excited to try this toy, which I'm sure my fans could tell in my introduction. I opened up the box, removed everything, and realized that I needed to wait for the toy to charge. I them promptly turned off the camera, gathered up everything from the box, and plugged the plug in to wait.

It lights up!

A few hours later when I checked and the toy was charged it was time to get back to business. I set all of my gear back up to make the video and got to work! This toy is a really good size. It was very comfortable and not too much prep to use, and after trying a few times I am comfortable to say that there is no worry about it working it's way out when you haven't planned.

Much like the beginning of my journey with this toy, it couldn't go too smoothly for the camera. I started to press the buttons as I had read in the pamphlet, yelling out things like "that reminds me of Rudolph!" as the colours switched from red, to blue, to yellow.. and I switched through the different patterns. I have yet to try this after dark. I think it will be hilariously fun! After playing with this function I was ready to try out the more fun one.. vibration! I clicked the buttons.. and then I clicked them again.. "hell, why isn't it working!" Again, I turned off the camera..

v-v-v-v-vibrating feature

As many of you may have guessed.. there was no issue with the vibrate button on the butt plug. I simply was not patient enough to figure it out at the time. The next time that I tried this toy I had it all figured out. I turned on the vibrate function. I thought this may feel a little too intense for me, but it was not too intense at all. I flicked through all of the different patterns of the toy, but decided that the consistent vibration suited me for the time. I think the highlight of this was when i took out another vibrating toy to use along side this plug.

"oh my god, I can feel it through my entire pelvic floor" I said, in the sexiest voice I could muster when saying that sentence..

For the final time (for now..) I turned the camera on to finish my video.

The features..

  • Material: Silicone, Plastic

  • Power Source: Battery operated. Note batteries are built into LED disk and not designed to be replaced

  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours

  • Functions: 5 light patterns, 10 modes of vibration

  • Remote Distance: 25 feet

  • Color: Black

  • Overall Length: 3.70 Iinches

  • Insertable Length: 3.00 Inches

  • Width: 1.4 inch at widest point, .66 inch at narrowest point

  • Waterproof

  • batteries Included

  • Additional Features: Light up, LED disk features auto shut off after 10 minutes to conserve battery life

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Booty Sparks Light Up Remote Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug. Use my links to get your own!

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