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Wearable Panty Vibrator Review

Product Review: Wearable Panty Vibrator, sent to me by Funzze.

A cute little toy, with a big vibrate..

When I am choosing products from companies that I would like to try and review for them, I am always looking for something a little bit unique. Sure, I still like just a regular dildo or vibrator every once in a while.. but I have tried so many cool products that I never noticed walking through local adult stores.

That is the exact same attitude I took into it when I was scrolling through the products for Funzze.

I was originally called to the honey ducky; which I reviewed before this product. A little sucker toy that looks like a little yellow duck.. absolutely! And then I wanted to choose another toy that was not similar to the honey ducky.

I was scrolling looking for some random monster dildo or something that I have not dabbled in before, when I started seeing these panty toys. I first saw the one with the wings that strap to the panty and clicked on that one to check out. I was immediately sold on the idea and was getting ready to paste the link into my email with Funzze.

I clicked out and decided I would take just "one more look" for the dildo that I had been imagining. Which is when I saw this wearable panty vibrator..

"Oh this one looks cool.. but the other one has wings.. but this one has a remote.."

I went back and forth like this for probably too long before finally making my decision. Then I grabbed the link to the second wearable panty vibrator, without the wings, with the remote.. and sent it off in an email to receive my products of choice..

Very Versatile..

As well, when I was looking for unique products to try, I stumbled across this toy. There were two that were similar, with the other having a clasp to insert into the panty (sort of like 'wings'). I would later end up glad that I did not choose the one with the wings, with my specific anatomy. The things that changed my mind at the time was that this panty vibrator toy had a remote so it is able to be controlled by you, or someone else (essentially.. hands free)..

I really enjoy that aspect of this product for solo, or partnered play. The separate remote control creates more opportunities for ways in which this product can be used.

While on that note, I will mention the one down side that this product is not super quiet. I had a little fantasy of having this in my panties while sitting at a restaurant, and my partner having the control over what is happening in my panties.. it will need to be with another toy. This panty vibrator is certainly still perfect for that aspect of adult play, but only behind closed doors.. or in very loud places? hmm?

Back to my moments of choosing.. I started to notice more about this toy so solidify my decision in choosing it over the other panty vibrator. On both flat sides there are different types of sensations. The side that has the power button is also made to resemble a tongue, with a seductive curve in it's design. The other side it more my style.. having a section of pointy sensaton bumps, and a little 'tongue'. There are truly so many ways to use this product!

Powerful for a little guy..

When I took this product out of the box my next move was to charge it (of course it's a silicone toy with one of those very 'satisfying when you insert' charger), and choose the best pair of panties to try them with. I chose a red boyshort style, with a snug fit to hold the toy in place..

I always film my first time trying a toy to send out on other platforms, and this one has a funny start. First, with me trying to figure out how the remote works with the product - which for readers, is turning them both on (blue) and letting the remote take over all product functions. I spent about a minute pressing all of the buttons to figure out whether I was controlling it via remote, or with the buttons directly on the toy. The latter is possible, but I wanted to be able to try the remote control for the toy considering that was the selling factor that made me choose it.

The second laugh for my video viewers is when I was trying to place the toy correctly in my panties. Of course my first thought was to just place it in my panties and go. But, that did not jive with my labia.

What I ended up doing was 'parting the seas' of my anatomy to place the toy in the right spot. Then I let the panties slide back in place to hold the vibrator there. It worked like a charm!

I could then spend the next few minutes trying out the 10 different functions of vibration. The first two are two different intensities, and the rest go through different patterns. Truly, I was hooked on this toy on the mode I tried. It went a little something like this..

"I'm a little nervous to press the 'on' button" I said into the filming camera.

Almost immediately, like jumping into a cold swimming pool, I pressed the button to turn on the toy.

"oohh, that is certainly powerful for a little guy!"

And the rest was a blissful afternoon..

The features

  • Material: Skin-friendly Silicone

  • Manufacturer: Funzze

  • 10 Vibration Modes

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • Multi-function

  • USB Rechargable

  • Wearable design

Thank you, Funzze, for sending me the Wearable Panty Vibrator.

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