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Honey Ducky Review

Product Review: Honey Ducky, sent to me by Funzze.

What adult toy do you use when you duck yourself ;) ..

It's been an exciting last few weeks of product testing for me!

You guys, I'm sure, have gotten used to seeing my product reviews pop up every few weeks. This time the release of my last review and this one are closer together, and this may happen more in the future, as I have become part of the affiliate program with Funzze!

I got an email from them, where they noted that they had tried to reach out to me on instagram, but when I finally looked it had been put into that super hidden insta inbox (what a pain!). I am glad that they reached out to me alternatively, because my first product experience with them has been exciting! Let me introduce you to..


Pulling the Honey Ducky out of the box it is, of course, the cutest thing I've ever seen! Feels a little taboo to think about the actual purpose while writing that.

Once moving passed the original cute look of this product, it is easy to see that is has also been thoughtfully and thoroughly created.

The silicone material of this product feels immediately smooth and nice in your hand (and pause.. to think about where else that smooth feeling will be nice..). The orange 'bill' of the duck toy feels similar to the yellow, but with some flexibility to it. You can indent it with your fingers, as there is a slight give to the material. Opposed to the yellow body, which is soft but solid.

The product has one button that is responsibly for turning it on/off, and for all 7 modes of function. These 7 modes of functions of the product are increasing levels of intensity.

An aspect of the honey ducky that I really like is the USB magnetic charging port/cable. There are two small metal magnets on each to hold it together while charging the product, and it is the strongest magnetic charger that I have used.

I've had a few products that include these magnetic USB chargers, and they are slick and chique looking, but normally a bit of a pain getting them to stay together for a good charge. I will plug them into the wall outlet but the cord is too short to reach the dresser.. and it can't just hang there because the magnet is not strong enough to hold the weight of the toy.. etc. None of that is an issue with this product. Firstly, the charger was long. But secondly, it is actually strong enough to hold the weight of the toy if were absolutely necessary..

You know.. like an orgasm emergency, or something..

A powerful sensation..

Testing the modes of function, mentioned above, is the real fun!

Like I said before, these mode are 7 different levels of intensity. What I have not yet mentioned, is how powerful they are. This is a uniquely powerful adult sucker toy.

When I first flicked the button to turn it on I stuck my thumb up over the hole of the orange 'bill' and actually felt it pull/suction on my skin. This may sound weird, but I've never been able to feel a sucker toy with my thumb/fingers on the first setting! Maybe as it gets turned up, but I usually question if they're on if they are too quiet.

If I remember correctly, my exact words were "jee, that's bloody powerful" as I continued flicking through the settings to assess them increasing.

I think that this powerful sensation can be attributed to two things. The first simply being that this toy has a powerful sucker function. The second being the size/shape/flexibility of the duck bill. I think the fact that the 'bill' of the toy can maintain full suction (at least for my thumb/genetalia) is part of the explanation of the intensity of the toy. Either, or, I am very happy with the way that this product works!

As well as that, the toy is covered by the smooth and flexible silicone that I mentioned. This truly gives this toy a unique feeling, and is very fun to play with the amount of pressure being placed.

Needless to say.. it felt way nicer when i moved on from my thumb..

The features

  • Material: Body-safe silicone & ABS

  • Manufacturer: Funzze

  • 7 modes of suction

  • Waterproof

  • USB Rechargable

  • Smooth, non-porous, odorless

Thank you, Funzze, for sending me the Honey Ducky.

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