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Oral Sex Card Game Review

Product Review: Oral Sex Card Game, manufactured by Kheper Games, and sent to me by Naughty North.

Whether you're an old hat or a bit of a newbie, this product will have things heating up for you and your partner(s) between the sheets..

I was very excited when I saw a few different "games" on the list of products available for testing with my recent correspondence with Naughty North. I casually scanned, wondering if any of them could add any pizazz to my work events. Settling on the Oral Sex Card Game seemed like something I may be able to incorporate into my life in different personal and work settings.

My friend, and fellow companion, Sarah Alexxx decided to try check this product out one day on Onlyfans live. Now, I know where your naughty head just went.. but for this adventure we chose to assess the cards, and not play out everything that was on them. We kept in mind that our professional opinions were coming from the perspective of people who are likely more experiences than those who may be buying the product.

Options, and Flexibility..

Of course, we started by reading the three cards in the pack that tell you the possible games you can play, as well as the one with info on how to use the cards. The cards are separated into five different colours, which correspond to the level on intensity the sexual suggestions are.

The games are all variations of drawing the cards and communicating about/trying out the suggestions. The suggestions could range from a certain position, to a certain technique. It was very fun for us to flip through the cards and both try to guess, and learn about one another's sexual preferences.

I mentioned flexibility in the title because I think that is one of the nicest things about card games in general. You can always adapt them in ways. For us, we were excited when we got the more intense cards.. but if this is not your vibe, you could simply remove all the red cards! Anyone, at any level of experience or interest, could enjoy these cards in some way.

Playing the game..

When we played the game on live we decided to edit a bit. Of course, we decided to focus on assessing the cards. We decided to focus on creating our perfect fantasy. We would draw a card out of each pile (corresponding with their colours, and therefor their intensity) and then guess how the other felt about it. If we guessed correctly then we would have the option to add it to our fantasy.

After a lot of chatting and laughing, we were left with 5 cards to make up our mutual fantasy. A bit of licking, a bit of spanking.. truly a dream!

When we looked back on the cards we both agreed that there were a lot of things we excluded from our fantasy while playing because they were vary similar to one another, just slight variations. However, we both agreed that someone with less experience than us would probably not notice or even appreciate the consistency.

The features..

  • Card Game

  • 3 ways to play!

  • 50 cards

  • 25 Oral Sex cards

  • 25 "for her" cards

  • Each 5 card fantasy includes 2 of each che

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Oral Sex Card Game. Use my links to get your own! Click here to view the product at Betty's Toy Box!

Use Code CHEEKY for 10% off!

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