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Saffron Leash & Collar Set Vegan Leather Review

Product Review: Saffron Leash & Collar Set Vegan Leather, manufactured by Sportsheets, and sent to me by Naughty North.

Spice up your dominant and submissive play with this product!

If my readers haven't noticed, I'm always quite fond of bringing my friends around while I'm reviewing products. There are always lots of laughs between myself and whoever I choose to help me. This product was no exception.. I called a civvy friend and asked her to come over with no other context to test it out..

My first impressions..

I wasn't truly sure what my first impressions were when opening this product.. When I picked up the collar and started to figure out that it was a faux leather product I was excited (as I am as a person who loves anything marketed vegan) but I was also nervous that it would not be heavy enough. Let's be honest, if I'm going to dabble in wearing a collar then I wan't to be able to feel that it is there.

I had the same thought as I was putting it on.. and then I picked up the leash for the first time.. I did a small gasp, which had my friend laughing audibly. The leash is a decently heavy product (I think you could efficiently use this for a pet.. of the animal or human form..) Attaching the leash to the collar around my neck just felt right! The weight of the leash attached to the collar is perfect, and definitely makes the product noticeable.

I was finally so excited about this product that I had to stop myself from begging my friend to walk me around, and calm down to ask less aggressively. She obliged, and we laughed as I crawled and rolled and tested all sorts of goofy positions.. I can't wait to try this product intimately!

Another vegan leather product..

You all probably know by now that I am a huge fan of vegan products, and I think Naughty North knows that about me as well. When I opened this product I actually took a moment to question whether this product was faux or not. It is really well made, especially for a faux leather product.

I generally notice that faux leather products usually weigh less (which had an impact on a paddle I previously tested) and as I noted I thought this would be the same for this product, but was made up for with the addition of the collar!

Of course this product will need some time to "break in" but it was enjoyable to try even before so. I was nervous when putting it on that my neck would be too small, but I was able to tighten in further than it seems when first observing the product. The two ends have a bit of wiggle room to overlap if you have a tiny neck as well, and I assume will only feel better as the faux leather "loosens up" a bit and is more formable.

I opted not to keep this product on for too long with the weather being so warm this summer, but I think with more optimal conditions it could be kept on for extended periods of time!

The features..

  • Material: Faux Leather

  • Color: Black, red

  • Size: "One fits most"

  • Additional Features: Phthalate Free, adjustable

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Saffron Leash & Collar Set Vegan Leather. Use my links to get your own!

Use Code CHEEKY for 10% off!

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