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Saffron Vegan Leather Loop Paddle Review

Product Review: Saffron Vegan Leather Loop Paddle, manufactured by Sportsheets, and sent to me by Naughty North

Read on, to find out about the bark and bite to this implement.

Impact play is my speciality. It has fascinated and excited me since before I can remember. Yes, I was that 3rd grader looking up "spanking" in the dictionary.. Because of this history, I consider myself a bit of an expert in the topic. You can imagine how excited I was at the anticipation of this loop paddle showing up, from the moment I read the name.. "Saffron Vegan Leather Loop Paddle"


Those who have been around me know that I practiced a vegan life style during my time studying for my undergrad. Many of my values are similar to what they were in that point of my life, and so I lit up when Naughty North told me they were sending me this product! Don't quote me on this because I am not a leather specialist (leather specialists, please leave comments) but I do believe that the differences between leather and faux leather lead to the big difference in this product from what I have used before.

The bark..

I decided to invite a friend of mine over to test out this product, because it's always more fun with two.. although I will add, the dimensions of this paddle make it easy to use on your own. Yes, I tested this too.

I tried out both the "bottom" and the "top" of this implement. My friend is a novice in the spanko world and a bit more comfortable on the bottom so we started there. I raised the loop paddle and brought it down.. not too light, not too heavy.. and my first reaction was "bloody hell, hope everyone was awake" This implement is so loud. It makes sense as a loop paddle, but I think with the light weight of this piece I had suspected it might be otherwise.

Evidently, I was wrong. We closed the open windows to not disturb too much peace, and carried on.

The bite..

This is where I will circle back to the comment I previously made about making a comparison between faux and real leather. I do not believe that I have every seen faux leather get as thick as real. For this reason, I think it would be hard to get an implement of high intensity made from this vegan material. I may be wrong here, and welcome comments on the topic.

When I laid down to try the implement out from the other perspective, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had to take the reactions of my friend with a grain of salt considering she is much newer to impact play than I am. I grimaced by nature, and let out a sound as I got the first swat.. but then I realized that it was just from the sound, and not the impact. This is a very good implement depending on the type of impact one is looking for, but I would say that anyone who generally has a high pain tolerance would use this as a "warm-up"

With that being said, the furthest end of the implement from the handle (the end of the loop) holds all of the bite that I expected of this implement when I took it out of the packaging. When the paddle lands with this end not much on the skin, it isn't bad at all. When you get the end of it just right.. that is where the power is in this product.

The features..

  • Material(s): 90% polyurethane, 5% stainless steel, 5% nylon

  • Manufacturer: Sportsheets

  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Additional Features: Wrist loop for storage

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Saffron Vegan Leather Loop Paddle. Use my links to get your own!

Use Code CHEEKY for 10% off!

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