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Sex & Mischief Amor Beginner Red Bondage Kit Review

A sensual tool to explore bondage..

Some toys we really love, and others we keep trying in the hope that we feel whatever it is the people who enjoy it feel. These are some of the feelings I would put toward restraint and nipple clamps, respectively.

So, I was a bit unsure how testing this product would go.

It wasn't one of those toys that showed up and made me immediately excited to tear the box open.

I chose this product based on my want for the beautiful-looking silk restraints, and that meant the nipple clamps as well.

I was curious, but hesitant.

Nicely pinchy..

When opening the box to take the product out I found myself saying "why the f*** did I choose something with nipple clamps again? I didn't like the last ones.. I doubt these will feel good with my piercings"

And would I ever end up being surprised.

I gave the clamps a few customary tries in my hand. Immediately noticing that it felt different than the clamps I had tried previously. They opened wider, and perhaps have a bit less resistance.

Pulling off my shirt, I decided to give them a go. And to my surprise, they weren't bad.

They did not feel like the previous pair. They don't have as strong of a pinch, but I believe can be adjusted. Nicely pinchy, it the best way to describe it. Nipple clamps have made me gasp in unpleasant ways in the past, but these felt nice even with my piercings.

They also have a larger radius than the previous pair. For me, this meant they fit completely differently than pairs in the past. I think they are the only clamps I've found that fit nicely around my areola.

"Okay, I can give these a proper go!" I settled.

Comfortable restraint..

Feeling like I had conquered worry about testing the nipple clamps, I moved on to everything else in the box.

The mask and restraints are both made from a really lovely silk fabric.

I also really enjoy that this mask is quite thick. It in comfortable and blocks out the light very well (especially for a product that is not black) It is a very well-made piece!

When first looking at the two restraint pieces, I was wondering how I would go about tying them.

"I wasn't in the scouts" I joked to myself.

But, when I unrolled them I noticed that one end actually has a loop in it. This is a really nice feature allows one to easily slip the far end through the loop and create an easy restraint. I am not a beginner, but think this makes it a great product for people at many different levels of kink.

I did some tugging, because I wanted to see if it would cause pain, but to my delight it felt so soft and powerful. I think the activities would have to be quite extreme to be hurt with these restraints, so I am confident in the exploration they can allow to novices and professionals, alike.

These restraints are something that I am very excited to try with a partner at some point!

The features

  • Manufacturer: Sportsheets

  • Brand: Sex & Mischief

  • Materials: Polyester, PVC, Feathers, Iron Zinc Alloy (Clamps)

  • Colour: Red

  • Additional Features: Washable

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Sex & Mischief Amor Beginner Red Bondage Kit. Use my links to get your own! Click here to view the product at Betty's Toy Box!

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