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Master Series Collar Nipple and Clit Clamp Set Review

Been trying to get yourself in a bit of a pinch with your top? I may have the toy for you..

The only time I remember showing interest in any play with clamps was this one time I decided to experiment with clothespins. Maybe not the best choice, but you would with what you have eh?

When I tried clothespins was before the era of the nipple piercings. So, I knew when I chose them off the list of toys from Naughty North that it would be a completely different experience. I was definitely right, as you will see.

In my first experience I figured out quickly that the areola is actually the part to be clamped, following the immense pain of clamping ones actual nipple. Maybe it was just "in comparison" but I do remember enjoying the sensation once I was clamping the correct area.

An abundance of sensations..

My sensations with this experience were very different. Even from the start, as it is not simply the clamps, but the entire product with collar and clit clamps as well.

The first bit of sensation happens the minute the collar goes around your neck. The cold metal touched my skin, and I danced around knowing that I just had to get used to it instead of holding it away from myself. I got used to it, and in reflection I think I quite liked that sensation.

The product is also a bit heavy, because of what it is made from. This added it's own sensation. I let the heavy metal hang from my neck for a moment, taking it in, before I moved onto the clamp parts of this product.

I would be curious to how this product could be used in couples play, and how these sensations would play out in the brain of the submissive when observing these initial sensations.

Pinchy play..

This is where things went a but south for me.. Whether it is because of me having piercings this time, or maybe the product really is that much more intense than the clothespins I tried back in the day.. it wasn't my jam.

The labia and clit clamps were not so bad. I think I was a bit confused by the sensation as it is something In haven't tried before. I am not sure I like the pinch feeling of the clamps. Maybe I'm simply a thuddy impact player.. With that said, I will be giving this another go. I'll try almost anything twice to make sure I didn't like it.

When I moved on to try the nipple clamps, I started by taking out my piercings. I went to put the clamp on, and it turns out they are not big enough?.. or my nipples are not small enough?.. Whatever the situation, I could not get them to fit properly. I tried with multiple "ow"'s as I kept letting go of the clamp in the wrong place. In the end, I tried clamping it on part of my areola under the nipple.

Finally I decided, I didn't like the feeling.

With all of this being said, I think the product is well put together and someone who is into pinchy play might quite enjoy this element of the product. It simply wasn't for me.

The features

  • Manufacturer: The Master Series

  • Colour: Silver

  • Materials: Metal, vinyl

  • Collar chain: 11 inches overall

  • Nipple chain: 12 inches overall

  • Labia chain: 25 inches overall

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