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Slay Buzz Me Palm Sized Vibrator Review

Product Review: Slay Buzz Me Palm Sized Vibrator, manufactured by California Exotic Novelties, and sent to me by Naughty North.

You will be surprised to hear of the power in this palm-sized toy.

I remember the very first vibrator that I bought was smaller than this Slay Buzz Me Palm Sized Vibrator. I opened it up, took it to my room, and figured there was no way it would cause a disturbance. The disturbance ended up being loud.. but only approximately 30 seconds. It was a great introduction to clitoral stimulation. I truly did not know how much of a punch it could pack.. and in both situations I turned out to be dead wrong.

Small, but powerful..

You think that I may have learned from that first vibrator experience.. but it usually takes me more than once to learn my lesson. When my products arrived from Naughty North I was so excited to get them that I was trying to open the boxes before making it back into my apartment. Once I got inside I realized that I would have to wait for them to charge. I waited as patiently as I could for them to finish and was able to try this toy in the evening. That first time I only used one of the settings. I had not taken the time to read any of the info inside (besides how long it would take to charge) and in that moment I was so eager that it didn't matter. It was much like my first time. I said "woah" when i turned it on because I had not been expecting it to be so powerful.

The good, and the better..

After my first try with the Slay Buzz Me Palm Sized Vibrator I did take the time to read the instructions that were in the box. This toy has 10 different vibrating functions. I have made this my "go-to" toy and have used them all, but still enjoying new sensations each time. It has been convenient for times that I just want to lay there and let the toy do all the work.. but also the opposite at times. The toy is so small and easy to use/move around the body that I have been more eager to try and expand from the feelings that I already know I like. Expanding my toy collection is helping me explore new and great sensations.

Since receiving this product, I have tried to find something that could be considered a "con" but there is nothing that I have disliked about my experience using this vibrator. The size, the solid body, the flexible "ears" .. did I mention that I haven't had to charge it since that initial time, and even the charging port seals to make it waterproof?

The features..

  • Material: Silicone

  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable (Included)

  • Max Run Time: 70 minutes

  • Max Charging Time: 90 minutes

  • Functions: 10 functions of intense vibration, pulsation and escalation

  • Color: Purple

  • Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Additional Features: Phthalate Free, Waterproof, Travel Lock

The Final Score..

This particular toy is ranked very highly on my list! It is perfectly sized to be the "go-to" toy in the end table, or to pack up and try to discreetly get through your flight. The long charge, the multiple functions, materials, waterproof.. This product is very multifaceted in the ways it can be used, and I look forward to finding out more!

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Slay Buzz Me Palm Sized Vibrator. Use my links to get your own!

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Jun 08, 2022

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