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Sportsheets Heart Beat Crop Review

Product Review: Heart Beat Crop, manufactured by Sportsheets, and sent to me by Naughty North.

Looking to add a *pop* to the excitement? Try a swing of this elegant implement.

I remember the first time that I ever tried impact play. The person that I was with was experienced, and so thoughtful to my first formal introduction.

By the time I left, we had tried some harsh implements. Hairbrush, paddles, canes, a strap. We truly moved through a lot of implements that day!

Of course, to start me off, we began with some lower intensity. She started by spanking me with her hand.. and then I remember that she pulled out a little crop.

She gave me a playful smack, and I let out a little giggle, bratting that it didn't even hurt. But, you all know that I'd never complain about the way it felt either. Any smack (consensual) is a good smack, in my books.


I was incredibly tired a few days ago when I checked my mailbox to find my new products had arrived. I brought the box in, opened it up, and groggily put them in their rightful until reviewed, the top shelf of the closet. The second time that I took a look at the products was much more exciting.

On this morning, I knew I was going to take some time to focus on one of my product reviews. I opened up the closet, with excitement. I wasn't sure which product I wanted to focus on, but it was easily chosen for me.

"ouhhhhh this is so cuuuuute" came out as a squeal.

This product is very sleek and elegant. The lace and jewel for decoration are so aesthetically pleasing. It also has a wrist straw on the lower end, which is comfortable and very well done.

To say that I was impressed off the bat, would be an understatement. This crop looks and feels very well made.

Heading #2

This is another product that I tested alone. Luckily for me, I'm an impact player so that is like a gift.

Of course all products have to be tested on bare skin.. it's just the rules! So, i shed my bottom layer and did a fun little nervous dance before I began.

I started with just one little swat. It definitely felt different from precious crops that I have used, I think sheerly because it is on the larger size for a crop. I tried a harder one, to confirm that it did, indeed, feel like a crop. Then I started to play with consistent swats.. slowly, then faster.. until I was fully satisfied with the testing process..

This product is really nice to use. It feels like a crop, which is something that I tend to consider to be good for beginners. I think this one would be quite pleasing for some who are a bit more advanced. The size of this crop is really so nice. Because of the size, it has a bit of a different feel, and the ability to add a bit more of a sting.. (smack harder! Let the weight and size do it's thing)

The features

  • Manufacturer: Sportsheets

  • Color: Black, red

  • Materials: PU Fabric, ABS Plastic, Nickel free metal hardware, Vinyl, Cubic Zarconia

  • Life time warranty

  • Wrist strap

  • Hand washable

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Sportsheets Heart Beat Crop. Use my links to get your own! Click here to view the product at Betty's Toy Box!

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