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Ouch Bed Bindings Restraint Kit Review

Product Review: Ouch Bed Bindings Restraint Kit, manufactured by Sportsheets, and sent to me by Naughty North.

Hold on tight, for these restraints!

I think this is the first product I have tested without roping any of my friends into the process. That almost wasn't how it was. I was quite worried about whether I would be able to test this product with the headboard that I have. It is a pretty modern, minimalistic design. This didn't even cross my mind when I was choosing products to review. But, was something I thought might be an issue the longer I looked at the photo on the box.

"Hey, can I come tie myself to your bed?" I texted to my friend, who has the same bed frame from her childhood room - no modern issues there!

"lmao wtf?" came her natural response.

Easy assembly & use..

I would come to have to explain that text for absolutely no reason, as when I opened the box all of my worries about my bloody new bed frame were put to rest. The end of the wrist and ankle restraints from this product does not have any sort of clip, but instead is just a straight strap that you can manipulate to tie no matter how your head board is shaped. Because of this design, I was able to feed them through the openings on either side of my headboard and tie them there.

The funny part about this being the first product I'm testing by myself lies simply in the fact that it is definitely a product that is designed for the use of more than one person.

Alas, I decided I would tie myself to the headboard.. My entire experience with this product was that it was all remarkably easier than I anticipated. These things are practically fool proof..

The part of the restraints where ankles and wrists are meant to be restricted is done with velcro. This make it really quite strong (I pulled, and tugged, and nothing budged) but I felt it was really quite relieving that the velcro is a product I was able to get myself in and out of. A safety, of sorts.

I think I have a pyrophobia..

Everyone who knows me knows my plethora of stories relating to fire. That time the bbq caught fire.. the time at my civvy job with the microwave.. yeah, fire has not been my friend. Hell, it took me years of being a cannabis user to move from a BBQ lighter to a regular one.

All of this to say, I had a bit of a visceral reaction when I hauled the candled out of the box with everything else.

Across the floor they went.. "Oh, I won't be needing those"

Maybe it's an overraction.. but, you certainly won't be finding any comments on this part od the product here.

As far as the other fun things in the box.. I don't know if anyone can go wrong with a fun little mask and a feather tickler..

The features..

  • Color: Black

  • Materials: Velvet, Satin

  • Includes 4 velvet adjustable cuffs, satin mask, 11 inch feather tickler, 2 candles

  • Manufacturer: Ouch

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Ouch Bed Bindings Restraint Kit. Use my links to get your own!

Use Code CHEEKY for 10% off!

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