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Satisfyer Curvy 1+ Review

Product Review: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ "Air Pulse Stimulator & Vibration", sent to me by Naughty North and Satisfyer.

Vibrating, and stimulating.. it's literally in the tag line..

I received a message from a lover one day before his date, asking me if he could bring me an adult toy as part of a gift.

"Of course!" I replied, enthusiastically. What could ever go wrong with receiving an intimate toy as a gift from a lover?

Thankfully nothing did.. but I was almost fooled for a moment.

This client had run the name of the product he was thinking by me, and I nonchalantly answered that I was sure whatever he chose would be fine. This also remains true.

The day of the date, he arrived with gifts in abundance. I opened them like it was my birthday!

When I opened the box for the adult toy I looked at it, thinking that it seemed really familiar. It didn't kick in until I was taking it out of the box to give it a try that I had something that looked almost exactly like it on the shelf in the closet.

I was immediately a little stressed that I was going to have two of the same products, because Naughty North had sent me a Satisfyer a few weeks before that I had yet to try.

As I sent that date out the door as we ended the afternoon, I ran back to my closet to put an end to my racing mind.

"Okay, one was a pink box and the other is blue? But, they certainly look like the same product from my memory.. I hope it's different, and the same toy doesn't come in multiple options" my anxious-for-no-reason mind raced in the 10 seconds it took me to walk across the apartment.

I opened the closet, took down the blue box, and let out a little sign of relief that it was different. The Satisfyer that I received from my client was labelled "Air Pulse Stimulator" and the one from Naughty North "Air Pulse Stimulator & Vibration"

"Only one work different.. Hopefully they don't feel the same.. They do look a bit different, now that I see them"

I would come to find out that even though this products looked quite similar, they provide very different sensations!

Simulator & VIBRATION..

I wanted to capitalize the work 'vibration' in this title because that is the most powerful part of this toy.

Because of this is why it feels so much more different than the Satisfyer my client gifted me. The vibration comes in 11 different settings, which change in pattern, speed, and intensity.

I really enjoyed taking the time to try and enjoy all of the settings. One in particular, starts as a very dull vibration and becomes more and more intense over a period of ~20 seconds. I stuck on this one for quite a while, soaking it all in. (Is this my first edging experience?)

I don't wan't to use the word "overwhelming" to describe the vibration because I enjoyed it.. but it is certainly the main feeling with this toy. The toy that is just labelled a stimulator has more of a 'sucking' sensation that is perhaps a bit overpowered with the stimulator & vibration.

This is not, in any way, a negative thing. I tend to enjoy a vibration more than a sucking sensation.

But, if you are someone who prefer sucker toys then you may want just the 'stimulator' product.

One Size Fits All?

Maybe I'm getting a bit spoiled after all of the products I've tried..

I recently tried a sucker toy that came with multiple different sized heads/openings.

This product only has the one opening on the end. I commend them for making the product in a size that can accommodate various sized anatomy..

It just meant that I had to be a little creative with my play with it.

I will admit, I am often a lazy masturbator. I put whatever toy in that sweet spot on my clitoris and hold tight until I reach that climax that I am looking for.

Because of the large opening of this toy, it didn't cover my anatomy in a snug way. I had sensation, but not in the most sensitive areas due simply to the diameter.

I found it more fun to use the vibrating edges of the toy in rotation with the opening being placed completely over and..

Needless to say, I achieved the goal I'd set out for 😉

I reckon when I try this toy again, I may try and hold out to see what sensations I feel if I'm a little more patient and don't use the edges of the toy in this way.

Oh, the possibilities..

The features

  • Material: Silicone

  • Power Source: USB Rechargable

  • Functions: 2 super-strong Power Motors

  • Color: Red

  • Warranty: 15 year Manufacturer's Guarentee

  • Manufacturer: Satisfyer

  • UPC: 4061504007489

  • Additional Features: Waterproof (IPX7), Body Safe, Bluetooth App Compatible, Whisper Mode, Easy to clean.

  • Overall Length: 5.28 Inches

  • Width: 1.8 Inches

  • Depth: 5.07 Inches

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Satisfyer Curvy 1+.

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