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Bondage Seductions Couples Board Game Review

Product Review: Bondage Seductions Couples Board Game, sent to me by Naughty North.

A curious way to uncover your kinky side..

I reckon you guys know by now that I am pretty eclectic in my choice of toys to review. I like products just for me, those for couples, things that are a little more vanilla, and those that are out of the box.

I was curious about this product after a previous good experience with a "game" type product. The last game that I got to try was focused around oral sex, where as this one focuses on BDSM - an area that I love to explore. This game of course includes some other products to aid in the exploration of dominance, submission, impact play.. etc.

I actually forgot until I opened the box that there was anything more inside than playing cards. Imagine my excitement when I opened it to a few fun pieces!

The cards..

I was very impressed when I opened this product. The first thing to see is a little instruction card about how you can play the game. You can simple go through the cards for ideas to explore, or you can roll the dice and use the corresponding numbers to choose the card at random.

This, though, is not the part that impressed me. The card goes into information on how to choose and use safe words (or signals) and practice informed consent while exploring the BDSM activities from the cards. Very user friendly for beginners!

The ideas on the cards could be fun for a wide range - beginners and experienced. Including ideas that do and do not include the use of toys. They are colour coded as to which partner should be reading, and essentially performing the action on the card (These cards are separated with "male" and "female", but could be adapted for other dynamics of partners) I felt myself getting tingly just reading through them. There were things that have always been fantasies of mine, things I've tried, and others that I haven't even considered until reading it on the card.

Upon assessing all of these aspects of the cards, it was time to try out the other components in the box..

The silk, the whip..

I wanted to try the individual products in the box at a time where I was not focusing on playing the game. There are 36 cards, so I think it will take some time to do so!

So, instead I took out the silk pieces and the rubber whip to assess once I had finished reading the material. This set has a red silk blindfold, silk black ties, and a rubber whip. It really is quite a delight of a little box.

As I took out the silk pieces I audibly said "these feel realllly nice" as i slid them through my hands. My utmost feeling of these pieces is that of comfort, which may seem strange of a BDSM product for those beginners reading..

The mask is very comfy to wear. I think the red may carry a bit less of an intimidating feeling than a black mask. Either way, would have the same effect in a dimly lit area.

The silk ties are a very nice touch. I've tried restraint of sorts and a lot of them are comfy, but these are really lovely when tied properly. It's really quite a sensual feeling to be using all of these silk products.

The little rubber whip can pack more of a punch than might be realized. I started with small smacks on various body parts (lightly, of course) determining that this could be a really great toy for beginners. Of course, then I was more curious and swung it hard a few times on my thigh.

"oof, okay, that might do some damage"

I truly do not think this product is one you would leave much of a mark with, but I'd be willing to give it a go. Nonetheless, it is sharp and enjoyable.

The features

  • Manufacturer: Kheper Games

  • Includes: 36 bondage seduction cards, 2 silk ties, 2 dice, 1 blindfold mask, 1 rubber whip, and game rules

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Bondage Seductions Board Game. Use my links to get your own! Click here to view the product at Betty's Toy Box!

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