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Womanizer Premium 2 Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator Review

Product Review: Womanizer Premium 2 Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator, sent to me by Naughty North and Womanizer.

This product isn't anything like a vibrator..

I was recently away for a weekend with my girlfriends and we were all chatting about our jobs around the hot tub. Im sure that you can guess that I often have the best stories in the group.

This night we had gotten on the subject of my product reviews. I indulged them with all the best details of the products that I have been able to try, and told them about the newest that I had picked out.

I was so glad that I had already begun my indulgence into testing the Womanizer Premium! I certainly had them all interested in trying an air clitoral stimulator by the time we left!

I've had moments before where I thought I'd reviewed the best toy I'd come in contact with.. Forever the optimist!

Now that I've tried the womanizer premium I can confirm that I'm glad I saved that praise for now. This product is incredibly fun!

Impressive would be an understatement..

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I opened this product, but the first word I found myself using to describe it was impressive.

The deep blue box that it came in opened like a book, eloquently telling a story about adventure and pleasure..

I don't think I've ever worried so much about tearing the box of a product. But, it was simply put together so nicely that I felt bad leaving any damage to the box. I carefully picked away the "air tight seal" stickers to open the next "page of the book".

Momentarily, I contemplated packing everything back up after each use, back into the box, until I was ready to use it again. I promise I'm not over-exagerating, you can truly tell how thoughtfully this product was put together in every aspect. Only opening the box further would sway my thinking on this..

The box not only held the product, but a small bag to hold the product, a different size (with reference to the clitoris), and an #IMASTURBATE card with links to the brand. It is easy to tell when opening this product that Womanizer values quality and inclusivity.

I did not have to change the size of the "head" of the toy" but was immediately excited that it had been thought about with this product! The bag that comes with the toy is also of really great quality, and makes care for the product easier.

As I am sure you can tell.. I was a huge fan of this product before I even got the the real "testing"

Like no toy I've tried before..

When it came time that I was actually testing this product.. I realized pretty quickly that I didn't truly have any idea what to expect with this product. Because of the shape and size I expected it to be similar to a vibrator.. but I was really, really wrong!

This toy uses pulsating waves of air and when this hits the clitoris (or nipple if you're feeling that) it creates a unique sensation.

One real difference in the sensation of this product can be best described if I make a direct comparison to a vibrator. So, when using vibrators in the past I, and I'm sure many of my readers, have had that feeling during or after of delayed tingling/tickling. I personally find that after effect to cause a bit of discomfort at times.

This product, in comparison, doesn't ever have to come in contact with the skin. The sensors are extremely sensitive and start pulsating air when it is close to being in contact. When you pull away from the skin, it is completely silent. Truly, it is quite neat.

The pulsating of the air causes sensation very different from that of the previously mentioned vibrator. I noticed as I moved the product to and away from my skin that it caused the blood to come to the surface, but didn't leave any of the after effect of many vibrators. The pulsating air is powerful, but somehow more gentle? It is something that really should be felt!

There are 14 different settings to the air pulsation - and having tried them all, I think anyone of any sensitivity (again, with relation to the clitoris) could find enjoyment with this product! (Psst.. there is also an "auto-pilot" setting where the toy takes over and you just enjoy..)

Overall, I am just as impressed as I write this now as I was when I opened the box!

The features

  • Material: ABS Silicone (Body), Hypoallergenic Medical Silicone (head)

  • Power Source: USB Cable with magnetic charging pins, Charging time 120 mins, Battery run time 180 mins

  • Functions: 14 intensity levels,

  • Color: Black/Blue

  • Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's warranty

  • Manufacturer: Womanizer

  • UPC: 4251460615525

  • Additional Features: Waterproof, Latex Free, Phthalate Free

  • Includes: Womanizer Premium, Extra Stimulation head, Magnetic Pin USB charging cable, Operating instruction, High quality bag for storage

  • Overall Length: 6 Inches

  • Width: 2.00 Inches

  • Depth: 1.25 Inches

Thank you, Naughty North, for sending me the Womanzier Premium. Use my links to get your own! Click here to view the product at Betty's Toy Box!

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